Cherry – oral rhythm training

Cherry – oral rhythm training

The farmer will try to add oral training to every HuCow’s program, it is a great obedience training, and it’s the best way to feed HuCows some extra protein! Also, it stimulates the HuCow brain in being completely docile and submissive, which is what we are trying to achieve here. But where the farmer did the oral training separately from the milking session, today he likes to combine it. There’s no reason Cherry can’t get milked while she sucks the farmer’s cock. It’s multitasking! Cherry is such a cute HuCow with firm udders, she did a great job in pleasing the farmer. She even learned to go suck faster when the milking speed is turned up, keeping the same rhythm!

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  1. i love her growth -. both orally and udderly. She has really firmed up, and to do both shows her dedication to
    submit to the famer and please him as well…. sucking and milking

  2. Cherry’s udders and nipples have grown in size since her first Update a little over four years ago . Love Cherry’s eyes looking up at her farmer as she is pleasing him while her udders are pumped by the electronic breast training machine

  3. The cows being cuffed during the oral training is a great touch! For the less docile cows there may be a risk of biting. Cherry is a good cow so I don’t think she would but for others I would recommend a ring-gag or spider-gag. I’d love to see oral training implemented in Vina’s routine ❤️

    • Yes, I think that the cows must use ring gang for the oral training always.

  4. Pussy Hunter

    Cherry is so HOT! The oral training with those big docile eyes while arms cuffed behind her back with udders thrust out is so erotic. Nice length or farmer cock being taken as well. Farmer must be very happy.

  5. Hello, I love this page and it fills me with curiosity, I did not know that Cherry is already a lactating woman at her young age.

    Can I make a constructive criticism? I like to see girls sucking penises… but you stay still and that’s not very exciting. MOVE! fuck his face

  6. we absolutely need more oral training. a good diet of protein for these cows as they are relentlessly milked

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