Thiccy Niccy – oral training & goat milker

Thiccy Niccy – oral training & goat milker

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A lot of members have requested more oral training. Not such a bad idea, because it is a very important part of HuCow training: it increases the HuCow’s hormone level, it is a great obedience training, and it’s the best way to feed HuCows some extra protein! The farmer picked one of his residents to start add this training to her sessions. Thiccy Niccy has never done oral training before, but she seems to be very eager and talented! She has great skills, goes very deep, and she doesn’t use her hands (which are cuffed behind her back anyway). The farmer was so pleased with her, she got a nice session on the goat milker after the oral training, followed by a pair of clover clamps on her sensitive teats! Thiccy Niccy is quickly becoming a farmer’s favorite!!

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  1. Oh so nice to see this ebony beauty Thiccy Niccy .. her tits look so good today…and appears to be an excellent and willing sub for oral training ..taking to it very well

  2. Nice! More oral training, more Thiccy’s septum ring use cases.

  3. What male farmer would not want this beautiful HuCow to give him a blow job before he milks her udders ? Loved how Thiccy moved her eyes to the right when she heard it took several attempts for the power to kick in on the Goat Milker; before her farmer placed its cups over her pierced nipples .

  4. Please do penny lee oral training

  5. It seems only fair: If the altruistic farmer goes to so much trouble milking his HuCows, the least they can do is milk him!

  6. I got much bigger breasts perfect for milking. Looking for some bulls to breed this heifer…

  7. More oral training is need for best the website

  8. That septum ring enhance her hucow look, like farm cows have.

  9. sengmengida

    Thiccy Niccy is my favorite! Love her piercings, her big brown eyes, firm breasts, and acceptance… but that last part is a bit problematical because I wonder if she’s even being pushed at all? I think my ideal shoot would be her getting triple pumped, then put in the nipple puller and vibed at the same time. With the other hucows, I’d wonder if they can handle it, for her I wonder if she’ll even make a face.

  10. Sissy Slut Tina

    Oral training along with other uses will be most welcome!

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