Thiccy Niccy – pump training

Thiccy Niccy – pump training

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Thiccy Niccy is one of the resident HuCows over here. The farmer trained her to perfection. She has a permanent septum ring installed, and pierced nipples. Niccy is also providing the farmer with oral service! All of this is to keep her HuCow hormones at the right level. The farmer is now decidated to increasing her udder size. Slightly bigger udders would make Thiccy Niccy even more perfect! It requires a lot of breast pumping, which is uncomfortable, but Niccy is now used to it. The tissue and skin needs to be stretched over and over again. The manual breast pump is a perfect tool for that!

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  1. a great idea!!!!! – it does work, requires persistency which i am sure everyone there has. That may also increase her hprmones – it has mine!!! please give us progress reports

  2. THICCY’S wide eyes expressed what she was enduring while her farmer used the Manual Breast Pump to slowly expand the volume of her udders within the plastic cups of her training bra.

  3. hucowlover

    The submissive expression of Triccy Niccy’s face and the permanently installed septum ring on her nose makes her one of the top hot looking hucow.

  4. News Wars Dot Com

    How now brown cow :)

    Love seeing chocolate milk getting pumped & teat clamped while bound & gagged.

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