Thiccy Niccy – the red cow milker

Thiccy Niccy – the red cow milker

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We took over Niccy from another farm, and she came fitted with nipple piercings and a septum ring (which we upgraded to a bigger size). She is fully trained and incredibly obedient and docile. Her smooth soft udders are amazing for milking and she can handle lots of power on her teats. Time to get her on the red cow milker! The farmer leads her into the barn by a leash attached to her nose ring. Don’t worry, this is how Niccy was trained to follow her handler. It’s a convenient attachment point and a constant reminder of her HuCow life. We have so many HuCows now, and they all need a lot of care. Niccy’s skin for example needs to be oiled and massaged daily. We really need a few more farm hands here at!

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  1. Miss Niccy’s fellow HuCow Katarina Hartlova(HU171) would be proud that Thiccy was able to endure her milking session with the red cow milker pumping her udders. THANK YOU for honoring my request made back on November 28, 2020 when members first met this beautiful wide-eyed HuCow.

  2. Princess

    She sounds like a well trained HuCow (not that I have much experience) although it does sound like it would be fun to take care of girls like her. :)

  3. hucowlover

    Farmer did right thing by replacing her nose ring with this bigger one. Previous one more like a fashion, but this one looks like a proper hucow one. Leash on her ring makes it more beautiful. More over she is finally on red cow milker, hope het training continues.

  4. good

  5. Patti Michelle

    The large nose ring does look more suitable. Nose rings do not seem to be very common though from what I have seen. Certainly appealing and as pointed out above does make for a more proper hucow look.

  6. Opalhopan

    I remember when you first showed off this site on DA with a preview of Sarah Jane, before this page was even up. that sure was a while ago lol congrats on the years!

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