Thiccy Niccy – her first Sybian session

Thiccy Niccy – her first Sybian session

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Thiccy Niccy is fully trained and owned by the farmer. She received her permanent nose ring long ago, and she has been a very good submissive HuCow ever since. Niccy can roam freely in the farm, she doesn’t need any bondage. This is how she discovered the Sybian, and she started playing with it. She was supposed to have a double breast pump session today, but Niccy got distracted by the power of the Sybian, even reaching a strong orgasm before the farmer found her. To finish her session, he made her stay on the Sybian to have more orgasms (by strapping her legs, cuffing her hands, and gagging her). The double breast pump was turned up high to keep stretching Niccy’s nipples while the Sybian kept going and going. She shouldn’t have been playing with the farmer’s toys!!

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  1. A great session for Thiccy since she had an orgasm riding the Sybian before her farmer strapped each of her legs , cuffed her hands behind her back and gagged her ; before he used the double breast pump to stretch her nipples .

  2. Hucow gangbang

    I sent you my udders to take your opinion sir

  3. Does she still make new content?

  4. Katie T Fan

    I’d love to see Katie on the sybian

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