Thiccy Niccy – one bar HuCow

Thiccy Niccy – one bar HuCow

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Thiccy Niccy’s permanent septum ring is so handy! The farmer usually parks her somewhere by locking a chain to the nose ring, and Niccy knows she will have to patiently wait for her next session. This time, the farmer will impale Niccy on a One Bar Prison. For those of you that don’t know, it is a dildo on a pole, which is inescapable if the girl wears high heels. Normally we would never allow fully trained HuCows to wear heels, but the farmer has to make an exception for the One Bar Prison to work. Niccy is impaled and unable to escape her session on the goat milker. With her pierced nipples pumped and stretched to twice their size, she is finally freed from the dildo. Her nose ring gets locked and chained again. Niccy is so happy in her HuCow life, this was a good session!

Did you know the farmer takes Thiccy Niccy home sometimes for oral training?
It's private but if you are a member and interested in this kind of slave training videos,
just email to [email protected] to purchase these videos!
Thiccy Niccy is also available for custom milking and oral training videos!

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  1. robaloo

    beautiful Niccy – perfect on the dildo stick. She has ideal udders and nipples. i love her adventures in milking.

  2. Will hucow38 ever come back to the herd

  3. Thiccy wearing high heels is not going anywhere being impaled by a dildo on a pole with her hands over her head . The power of the goat milker worked well to enlarge her nipples to twice their current size .

  4. Trained hucows should totally be able to wear heels! It feels similar to having hoofs!

    Would love to see more of those!

  5. Thiccy Niccy really is a perfect Hucow for the stable. She seems to accept her milking calmly and her teats stretch nicely indeed.

    The one bar restraint is a fun addition for ways to milk her.

    Her nose ring is perfect for a Hucow is there plans for any of the others to have one?

    And she looks perfect in those heels will this become part of the stable’s wardrobe?

  6. matthew meuleman

    when is he going to tag her as his Hucow full time

    • She is here full time.
      Tagging is for the incognito HuCows to give them a name (e.g. HuCow 38, etc)

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