Kiki – hogtied milking

Kiki – hogtied milking

Kiki has really started her full time training program here at She signed up for it herself, remember? This session, she will be hogtied on the high bench, with her harness gag tied to the wall. There will be no escape from the milking machine, as the farmer circles around her, squeezing and checking her udders. Kiki does have great udders, and her nipples are even better! Very stretchy and long (and even longer at the end of this session). But Kiki’s nipples are also very sensitive, which will make it very hard for her to get through the farmer’s favorite session ending: clover clamps AFTER milking. Ouch!!

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  1. robaloo

    Kiki is so hot – love her gag harness and her squeezed udders… her nipples are so tempting

  2. This cow arrived with already large and succulent teats – clever cow Kiki!

    Great to see those teats put to the use they were made for on the milking machine.

    Would like to see a session soon targeting her udder development too.

    Great touch at the end with the clover clamps. Its always good to remind the new cows of their place.

  3. There is nothing like seeing a beautiful HuCow’s tied udders hanging over the edge of a milking bench waiting to be pumped . Kiki’s harness gag does not hide her eyes which show this is a tough session for her ; but she endured with the electronic breast training machine stretching and enlarging her nipples . Kiki does need to have sessions that work to increase the volume of her udders .

  4. Kiki certainly has a lovely pair of sensitive teats that react well to the clamps and the pump.

    The look of defeat when the machine was turned on was a delight to see. Her eyes are captivating as they express her feelings during a session.

    I look forward to seeing more sessions with her in the future

  5. Commonpun

    WOW! so lovely to be able to see the next step in the evolution of Kiki becoming a real Hucow. I hope this mean we will get to see how far she can really take it to live out her Hucow dreams!

  6. HopefulHucow

    Hopefully Kiki will be joining the list of permanent residents soon! Good Hucows like her are a rare find

  7. hucowlover

    Kiki is very good hucow. Liked its hucow training. Farmer has done very good to put a clover clamp on it’s after milking sore nipples.It has sensitive nipples but a good hucow needs this endurance training for her own good.
    Hope farmer will attach a permanent septum ring on it’s nose.

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