Kiki – oral training and red cow milker

Kiki – oral training and red cow milker

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Remember Kiki? She signed up to be a HuCow earlier this year and she has been a farmer’s favorite ever since. She really wants to be a HuCow, and she is incredibly docile and submissive. Kiki has perfect nipples for milking, they puff up really big when she is milked hard and long. It’s time for her to try the most powerful machine: the red cow milker! But first, she willingly and eagerly gives the farmer a blowjob, because she knows oral training also stimulates hormone release in HuCows. As a reward, Kiki receives a long hard milking session on the strongest milking machine. And harsh clover clamps after, of course. She definitely is a keeper!

The oral scene is a bonus available to members, just email me at [email protected] to receive the full update including this bonus scene.

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  1. Members should request the bonus oral scene before Kiki’s farmer applies the cups of the Red Cow Milker over her nipples . A little surprised Kiki’s farmer did not have her ride a Sybian while the milker was pumping her udders . YES , Kiki is definitely a keeper .

  2. Yes, Kiki is definitely a keeper with beautiful and expressively submissive eyes. Perfect nipples for sucking and suckling. Would love to see Kiki do a return engagement on the sybian with some nipple suction to induce some milking. Would like to suggest the addition of a pair of green elastic castration bands fitted to her erectly formed nipples after the cupping action. Kiki has beautiful eyes and should be allowed to cum for the viewing audience. Definitely a keeper for hucows.

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