Nikki Riddle – magic wand stimulation

Nikki Riddle – magic wand stimulation

We didn’t forget about our new HuCoW Nikki Riddle, don’t worry. It’s just that we are so busy with so many HuCows, it is hard to show all of the sessions on the website. If you remember, Nikki’s intake went very well, her holes were inspected and her nipples were volume tested. She was ready to move to the barn! Nikki is another one of these highly sexual HuCows, with super sensitive nipples and clit. So the best way to get the hormones flowing is to milk her and simultaneously stimulate her. This will make her brain associate the discomfort of milking with the pleasure of orgasms, and after a lot of sessions, she will not be able to tell the difference anymore. But we are not there yet! This is Nikki’s first full milking session, so she will need hard stimulation with the magic wand!

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  1. Very good- slut just needs teat clamps & an inner-framed nursing bra for that extra kinky look.

  2. Love that Nikki’s farmer turned up the speed of the magic wand toward the end of the session to give her an orgasm after she endured the pumping of her udders using the electronic breast training machine .

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