Denise – high milking bed

Denise – high milking bed

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The high milking bed is a great invention! It provide easy access to the udders and it is very comfortable for our HuCows. Big boobed teen Denise is still a bit scared and wide eyed, so she is allowed to relax on the new high bed. Hogcuffed and gagged of course. Huge huge udders poking through the milking gap, she is defenseless against the farmer’s groping hands. He checks and handles her udders, before hooking her up to the powerful goat milking machine. Remember: milking is very exhausting, and even though Denise looks very comfortable, she is panting and drooling as the milker relentlessly pumps her sensitive nipples. Great session! Who do you want to see on the high milking bed next?

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  1. Wonderful, great success and I’d like to see Cleo in the future.

  2. Nice! Really think that you are on a roll with Denise with lovely looking udders and nice erect nipples. Would recommend smaller suction tubes specifically desiged for the nipples to be sucked on and eventually MILKED followed by some intense usage of a pair of green elastic castration bands stretched and affixed to her perky erect and hardened nipples for extra stimulation. Nice!

  3. Please, please put Katie on that milking bed it’s perfect for her.

  4. I agree with Pat, Katie on the bed please.

  5. Great update, this is such a good set up. Katie on this bed would be the best update yet.

  6. Another great Update for DENISE as the powerful GOAT MILKER worked well to enlarge her nipples . The high milking bed would be PERFECT for milking BLONDIE . KATARINA HARTLOVA or KATIE THORNTON .

  7. Please put Katarina on it!

  8. Charles Dixon

    Nelly would be good on it

  9. One idea might be a butt plug with a long wire coming out and a bell on the end. So the more she wiggles, the more wonderful music she makes.

  10. Can we get JJ Plush as it’s been forever

  11. Northfarmer

    Katie on this bed please !

  12. hydrofarmer

    Forget Katie.
    Katerina, 268, or Lady Lynn all day

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