Denise – goat milker

Denise – goat milker

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Why should the farmer have all the fun? It’s time for the young farmhand to enjoy himself for the afternoon. He selects Denise from the herd and leads her into the barn. He quickly drops his pants and Denise doesn’t need any encouragement. She is now used to giving oral training, and she is quite good at it! But the fun can’t last forever, it is high time for Denise’s milking session. Her collar is locked to the milking frame and she is hooked up to the powerful goat milker. The young farmhand even turns up the milking speed! And he applies clover clamps after the milking! This guy definitely is a quick learner!

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  1. Denise should wear harness gag more often, this is so sexy

  2. de belles mamelles, j’adore

  3. After she milked his cock ; the young farmhand could have had Denise ride the SYBIAN (LIZ – HU 231) while the goat milker pumped her huge natural udders . Still this was a great session for this young DROP DEAD GORGEOUS HuCow since the goat milker did enlarge her nipples . Denise has secured her position as one of the TOP TEN Hucows on this website .

  4. Maybe breed her then the milk will be in free flow.

  5. Could we get a better look at her back holes? A rear examination video followed by a breeding session with her would be amazing.

  6. The best hucow video to date!!

  7. Sie hat ein schön großes Euter, aber an den Zitzen wird man noch hart arbeiten müssen

  8. hucowlover

    Denise’s udder is good, but her teat need to enlarge. Farm hand understand quickly how to train a hucow better. He speed up milker and applied clover clamp after milking. Denise is in good hand for sure.

  9. Would love to see her lactating already. Maybe the Double Breast Pump will do the work

  10. Nice <3

  11. Super good! Denise is a nice girl with big udders and a nice face. Please try to bring Katarina again to the farm!

  12. Nip Trainer

    I do believe little Denise is getting TOO comfortable in the barn.

    Some suggestions 😈
    – have her do the treadmill run the same as Cindy Dollar just did it
    – have her milked in a flying hogtie
    – my personal favorite, one I hope you try one day: milked while attached to the Metal Bondage Blowjob machine (is this even possible??)

  13. we need to see denise be bred. she needs to be milked bred and orally trained simaltaneously!!

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