Little Lanta – folded and pumped

Little Lanta – folded and pumped

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The most flexible HuCow is back again! Little Lanta is a super cute little pet girl with nice round udders. She is still very reluctant, because the farmer always finds more creative ways to use her flexibility. This time, he folds her in half, with her legs cuffed to the wall and her arms cuffed under the milking bench. This gives him perfect access to the important parts of a HuCow: udders, pussy, and ass! The farmer attaches the vacuum therapy machine to her nipples, because he wants Lanta to have bigger nipples soon. He then takes a jewel buttplug and pushes it in her cute butthole. Then the farmer gets out his new toy: a pussy pump, to create a huge juicy pussy with powerful suction. Poor Lanta, she was tender everywhere after this extreme pumping session!

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  1. I’m a woman, live near Amsterdam, I wait every Saturday for the updated hucow training, this brings me so much pleasure…
    Can’t stop imagine horny farmers and hit hucows everywhere… I surrender

    Love this

  2. A fun idea might be taking a silk handkerchief to her pussy afterwards. The lightest touch on her skin as the farmer lets it drift over her pussy.

    Or just strapping her in place face down on the milking bed, and tapping his fingers on her butt plug over and over to make it wiggle inside her. Do it for a while so Lanta knows that the farmer is in control.

  3. I am happy to see Little Lanta “back in the barn.” I didn’t think she’d ever came back after her exposure to the red cow milker in her last session. She seems to hate having her nipples played with after a session, which is one of the reasons I enjoy watching her so much.

  4. Little Atlanta’s eyes show what she is enduring as her farmer’s new toy has given her a huge pussy as she lies on the milking bench with the vacuum therapy machine working to enlarge the size of her nipples on her firm round udders.

  5. Gorgeous..I still hope to have a master one day who will do things like this to me..

  6. Definitely should’ve taken the magic wand to her afterwards.

  7. Ich finde die Kühe, auch die Jungkühe sollten in alle in doggy gemolken werden. Little Lanta sollte die Vakuumtherapiegerät an die Zitzen gelegt werden wie letzte Woche Katie, das macht lange Zitzen die sie braucht um gemolken zu werden. Lanta hat wunderschöne Kuhaugen! Und die Fotze sollte sie nicht nur zum pissen verwenden, sie könnte gedeckt werden.

  8. Every hucow should have their pussy pumped along with their nipples. Split the vacuum line going to the nipples in three so their nipples and pussy are all sucked at the same rhythm.
    After teacher pumping session their pussy should be opened with a massive speculum to inspect their birth canal as well.

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