Little Lanta – new milking position

Little Lanta – new milking position

Little Lanta is the perfect HuCow to test some new milking positions, because she is the most flexible in the herd! The farmer starts off by testing her oral obedience, which seems to be more than fine! Sucking cock will get the right hormones flowing before milking, it is very important to train your HuCow’s oral skills! Lanta is a very cute and good submissive, with firm full udders and highly sensitive nipples. The new position spreads Lanta’s legs wide and bends her over so her udders are hanging free. The farmer oils her nipples before applying the electronic breast training machine with goat milker cups. Lanta’s nipples are doubled in size by the pumping. It really hurts her, but Lanta is dedicated and strong: she wants to be a good HuCow!

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  1. INCREDIBLE new milking position ; but a little surprised ATLANTA’S farmer did not use a CLIT PUMP since her legs were spread wide open . MISS MORENO’S facial expressions showed this was a tough session for her ; but the electronic breast training machine worked well enlarging her nipples to double their current size . PS – Perfect hair color for this beautiful HuCow .

  2. Someone should use this on thiccy niccy it would be perfect

  3. Can we PLEASE get Denise in this milking position?! Would be the most legendary video ever!

  4. Agree with John, please get Denise in this position

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