Little Lanta – HuCow split

Little Lanta – HuCow split

Little Lanta is definitely our most flexible HuCow! She is so cute, trying very hard to be a good little HuCow. She loves pet play and oral training, but she doesn’t like milking sessions because her poor nipples are hyper sensitive. Even the smallest touch makes her cry out in pain. Unfortunately, there is not much she can do to stop the farmer from pumping her today. Lanta is restrained in a wide open leg split and a bolero style straitjacket, leaving her udders exposes. She will have to endure yet another harsh milking session, followed by (of course) clover clamps on her oversensitized nipples. It hurts so bad!!!

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  1. A little surprised Miss Moreno’s farmer did not use the CLIT PUMP while Atlanta was in a wide open leg split with the ELECTRONIC BREAST TRAINING MACHINE milking her perfectly round udders .

  2. Lanta is becoming one of my favourite models on this site, she is absolutely perfect here!

    Really hope we get more content with Lanta (and hopefully with more talking too similar to the Alba update recently)

    The dream would be for Lanta to become available for the farmer experience sometime, that would be the most incredible thing, if you see this Lanta would love you to consider doing that!

  3. DerHesse

    Really nice HuCow. I love her.

  4. With the legs spread like that, it would have been a good way to give her a nice reward as well.

  5. This is one of the hottest shoots on this site. Lana is beautiful, sexy and has very nice boobs. Obvious the clamps hurt at the end, normal after such intens milking. More of her please

  6. A little surprised Lanta’s farmer did not use a magic wand while the electronic breast training machine was pumping her firm round udders .

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