Bella & Demi – suckling orgasms

Bella & Demi – suckling orgasms

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Best friends Bella & Demi are still living the HuCow dream! Both have their septum rings, and Bella is even producing milk! Demi loves to drink straight from Bella’s gigantic tied udders, so the farmer came up with this unique milking position: Demi is suckling Bella, while both of them get vigorously vibrated by magic wands. This stimulates so many hormones in both of them, they get very strong orgasms very quickly! A perfect setup for these devoted HuCows!

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  1. A nice Update for these friends with Demi suckling Bella’s huge tied udders while each HuCow was vibrated by magic wands during the session to give them orgasms . i was thinking a nice added touch would have been if their farmer had placed the NIPPLE SENSITIZERS over Demi’s nipples during the session . Love that Demi was allowed to untie the rope bondage of Bella’s huge udders .

  2. Peak farmer

    This is the perfect update we need to see more of the same with the other well endowed girls

  3. Any chance Vina back?

  4. Richard

    Would love to see Bella pumped with double breast pump with suction slowly turned up til it is at max.

  5. Just wicked

  6. Two of my favourites. I’d love to be under there with Demi sucking on Bella’s other udder while my clit is stimulated too.

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