Alba Zevon – captured

Alba Zevon – captured

Famous Italian bondage star Alba Zevon is exhausted from all the work she has done, and there is still a lot more to do! She decides to take a nap… only for 5 minutes. That shouldn’t be a problem, right? Well, unfortunately, the farmer sneaks into her living room and grabs her! She is taken to the barn, stripped naked, and locked to a milking frame. Alba is feisty though, she is protesting loudly about her situation until the farmer has no other option than to gag her with a HUGE ballgag. Alba keeps protesting with a lot of gag talk, but the farmer just continues his work. He oils her gorgeous udders and hooks her up to a milking machine. Alba is shocked! This is not the way to treat Italian ladies! She protest and drools during this milking session, until the machine is finally shut off. But her ordeal is not over yet: her sensitive nipples get clover clamped! Alba winces in pain, she can’t believe someone did this to her!

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    I’ve been saying for SO LONG that models should talk instead of being completely silent throughout, this clip absolutely nails that!!

    Alba is PERFECT in this clip, and the talking even just for the first minute or so of the clip is EXACTLY WHAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!

    I’ve literally renewed my membership today for this clip alone, if you keep producing content which involved kneeling at the milking frame AND talking, then i’ll keep renewing!

    By far the best update on this site in years, more just like this please would be amazing!!

  2. Little did Alba think when she started her nap that she would wind up in the barn naked , with a metal collar around her neck , locked to a wooden milking frame and her hands cuffed behind her back . I love that Alba talked for a short period of time before her farmer gagged her with a HUGE RED BALLGAG . The ELECTRONIC BREAST TRAINING MACHINE worked well enlarging Alba’s nipples to double their current size . Would love to see this beautiful Italian bondage star in another Update riding the SYBIAN and the RED COW MILKER pumping her firm udders . A great first milking session for Miss Zevon .

    • The talking part was such a welcome addition, and something that should definitely happen more often!

  3. Wow! Finally this gorgeous putana is on hucows! Fucking love the entire scene! We need more of this, perhaps with some lesbianism thrown in.

  4. DerHesse

    I think it´s a good start.

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