Tilly McReese – trespassing

Tilly McReese – trespassing

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The farmer caught Tilly McReese trespassing on his property. Well, that was a mistake. Tilly finds herself handcuffed to a holding cell, as she protests and threatens the farmer with her lawyers. Another mistake, which soon leads to Tilly wearing a HuCows collar, ballgag, and clover clamps. She is promptly transported to the barn where she looks at the equipment with wide eyes. Unable to protest, she is locked to the milking frame with heavy cuffs, and the magic wand is turned on. Tilly moans and wriggles as her will to fight fades away. She gets milked with the strongest machine: the red cow milker! How did she end up here? The machines make her weak and she has an unexpected orgasm. Tilly is almost ashamed: she is starting to like this situation? Her nipples are extremely sore but she feels like she found a new home. Tilly is confused, but the farmer knows she is definitely a keeper!

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  1. An intense milking session for Tilly as her udders are pumped by the RED COW MILKER and the magic wand gives her an orgasm . The result of the session is enlarged nipples and Tilly’s farmer knowing he wants to milk this beautiful HuCow on a daily basis . Welcome to the ” HERD ” Tilly McReese .

  2. Bring Clara or catz

  3. Ich würde gerne als Hucow ausprobiert werden

  4. I loved the latest episode with Tilly. Her struggling and helpless orgasms were perfect. Any plans of incorporating some forced breeding/insemination into the mix with the forced orgasms? Cherry was a great breeding test subject, but Nora Sparkles in the milking frame, gagged, vibed and getting a syringe or cock full of cum pumped into her pussy as she struggles helplessly would be exquisite.

  5. i want see Tilly McReese get milk pump on pic some video pls

  6. GummiGrit

    Ich möchte gern als hucow ausgebildet werden.
    Vielen Dank GummiGrit

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