Arabella – hogtied milking

Arabella – hogtied milking

Arabella is one of our top HuCows! The farmer even made custom udder bands for her, so Arabella’s udders are always locked in steel to create more forward pressure. She is a gorgeous HuCow, especially in a harness gag, even though she is still very reluctant to get milked, because of her ultra sensitive nipples. Arabella always needs bondage and a gag during sessions, which looks very dramatic, but it is for her own good. The farmer oils and squeezes her udders before hooking them up to the milking machine, while Arabella is high above the ground on a hogtie milking frame. This frame is great, udders can dangle freely and it gives a perfect view of the proceedings. To keep Arabella’s nipples stretched after the pumping session, the farmer applies suction cups to create more stretch. Poor Arabella and her locked udders…

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  1. Arabella looked beautiful lying on the FLYING HOGTIE BENCH with her wrists and ankles cuffed together ; waiting to be milked after her farmer applied massage oil over her banded udders . The electronic breast training machine worked well enlarging Arabella’s nipples and the suction cups used at the end of the session had her wincing in pain.

  2. matthew meuleman

    her bands need on them IM A HUCOW

  3. That’s a nice fix, but it could be improved. By fixing them as follows. Head, wall and then directly to the handcuffs, so the head would always move as soon as the hands start moving or vice versa. I think milking her like this would also be a good idea. Apart from that, I like what I see here.

  4. Great updates she is becoming one of my new favorites on this site.
    Admin can you give us an update on katerina? Are there more updates on her coming soon or has she been released and returned to her family?

  5. hydrocarbon

    Why does she always have locking bands? Will we ever get to see her udders hang naturally?

  6. Arabella sure is a gorgeous Hucow. Her teats stretch nicely when pumped and I wonder whether they become more sensitive when her udders fill with milk.

    How thoughtful of you to make locking bands for her udders. Plenty of ways to restrain her with those and the other bondage used on her.

    Are you going to make any other of the herd similar bands?

  7. Beautiful but we do need to see her large udders in their natural state

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