Arabella – udder press

Arabella – udder press

The farmer has Arabella locked in a super tight metal corset. Her udders are in the udder press, designed to squeeze more milk towards the nipples. He keeps tightening the udder press! Arabella is helpless to stop him, as she gets chained to the milking stand, ready for her daily session. The milking process is quite painful when your udders are clamped tightly. This makes the nipples more erect and they get sucked further into the cups. Arabella gets gagged with a massive 2 inch gag. Her life is now only milking and udder torture. She is getting used to it.

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  1. udderly beautiful … perfect tits for the press and looks great in metal too

  2. The udder press along with the electronic breast training machine worked well to enlarge the size of Arabella’s nipples. Would like to see Katarina Hartlova , Katie Thornton , Vina and Blondie have their udders squeezed by this device in future Updates.

  3. Nice! Arabella is fantastic and is UDDERLY amazing! Love her nicely shaped breasts and perky erect and hardened nipples. Really love the teat suckers greedily sucking on her lovely nipples making them elongated stiffened and erect. would love to see this website include the use of a pair of green elastic castration bands that can be stretched and fitted onto the female models’ nipples. The castration bands are more than just eye candy for the viewing audience but increase the sensitivity of the female models’ nipples and can increase the level of orgasmic delight in a Lady who has extra sensitive nipples. Arabella looks amazing and would be a lovely candidate to experience that level of eroticism. Love this site and especially gorgeously beautiful models with lovely breasts and perky nipples. Nice!

  4. Ich finde diese Kuh perfekt. Schönes weiches Hängeeuter, schöne Zitzen, und der Fotzenbusch und der Metallmelkrahmen ist genial

  5. Need to do this to jj plush with a leather hood gag

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