Thiccy Niccy – hogtied milking

Thiccy Niccy – hogtied milking

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Our resident HuCow Thiccy Niccy is usually the test subject for new milking frames. She is used to our crazy builds, and this time she will be the first to try the new ‘flying hogtie bench’. Very high off the floor, so it is a little bit scary! The farmer hogcuffs Niccy on the frame and then pulls her head back by attaching a rope to her harness gag. Her pierced udders are dangling down. Perfect position for the new compact cow milker, a very powerful machine! Niccy can’t suppress a muffled surprised sound when the machine’s vacuum takes a hold of her nipples. The farmer even stops mid-session to check her nipples, then reapplies the machine on Thiccy Niccy’s udders. She is such an obedient and patient HuCow now! The farmer can really do anything to her and she will obey. Maybe it is time for oral service training next?

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  1. Patti Michelle

    I always find Thiccy Niccy one of the more appealing hucows due to her being one of the few, if only one, I have seen with a nose ring. It really emphasizes her status.

    • hucowlover

      Agree with you, farmer changed she previous small one to this big one which make her looking more docile hucow. She seems most obedient hucow in this farm, so this nose ring truely goes with her.

  2. Amazing update! She looks so stunning with this headharness. Hope to see her soon again in the barn.

  3. Thiccy’s farmer found the perfect sized leather bondage head harness with mouth gag muzzle since it did not hide any of her big expressive eyes during this milking session. It is truly amazing to see how quickly the vacuum power of the compact cow milker worked to enlarge the size of Thiccy’s pierced nipples. I liked her muffled laughter when a clamp was applied to her left nipple at the end of this session. I would love to see Blondie well secured to this new ‘FLYING HOGTIE BENCH’ and the red cow milker used to pump her huge dangling udders in a future Update.

  4. Would love to see Thiccy-Niccy’s naughty nipples with some teat clamps & have her wear a Nursing Bra (the ones with the inner ‘A’ frame) so her teats are exposed while the udders are held in place.
    Also, how about a 3some where 3 cute & juicy sluts are bound & gagged while wearing these nursing bras & teat clamps, & they each take turns having 2 at a time made to suck on the third one’s teat (while she is bound & ballgagged), then switch positions until all 3 have been sucked on?
    Thanks in advance!

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