Kerry – hogtied HuCow

Kerry – hogtied HuCow

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Kerry is back and her udders have grown considerably! That’s great news! She is the perfect HuCow for the new high milking bed, because the farmer has a new position in mind: a hogtie! Well, the position has been done before (with Thiccy Niccy), but never with udders poking through a milking bed! It is a very strenuous position, but Kerry loves a good bondage challenge! The farmer clamps her nipples and makes her wait a little before she is installed on the bed. Then Kerry is cuffed with her udders hanging down through the milking opening. The goat milker is an exhausting machine, especially in combination with this position, but it there’s an HuCow who can do it, it is our cute Kerry!

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  1. Just wonderful to see those udder’s again, and a new update on the high milking bed.
    Just wanna play with those all day long

  2. KERRY still looks like the cute little girl from next door as she is hog cuffed on the high milking bed. The goat milker worked well; enlarging the size of Kerry’s nipples on her downward hanging udders.

  3. She would definitely be good for breeding. Hopefully we see some milk from her soon.

  4. Would also love to know what cup size she started at and what cup size she is now

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