Thiccy Niccy – good HuCow

Thiccy Niccy – good HuCow

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Thiccy Niccy is a very popular HuCow for custom videos and member requests. For example, there was a request for Niccy to be in extreme elbow bondage (strapped all the way together) while giving the farmer oral service, before going straight onto the goat milker. No problem! The farmer didn’t mind this request at all of course, and Niccy is always obedient, even in cruel elbow bondage.
She gives the farmer some perfect deepthroat service, and as a reward she is harness gagged and locked to the milking frame. The goat milker does its job, doubling her pierced nipples in size, and still Niccy seems perfectly fine and happy with her life as a HuCow. She is such a good HuCow, eager to be used and milked, as long as she gets enough attention. With her beautiful body, udders, and septum ring, she will always be among the most popular in the herd!

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  1. Awesome, always great to see Niccy, she is such a good cow, maybe reward her next time with some stimulation from the wand or fucking machine while she is milked.

  2. Un belle formation orale, bien au fond de la gorge. J’adore..

  3. Once again Miss Niccy shows why she has become one of the favorite HuCows on this website . Any farmer would like to receive some oral service from Thiccy before he milks her beautiful udders . In a future Update maybe Thiccy can be milked using the Red Cow Milker and riding a Sybian .

  4. hucowlover

    Thiccy Niccy’s permanent septum ring is the most attractive one, specially the size of the ring attached on her septum symbolize her as a true devouted hucow.

  5. Ooh, I wish I become ahucow to use my udders and my holes making gangbang while milking and be a good slave and hucow I’d looove to be a good hucow slave get training and allow to any one use me 😍😍😍

  6. I am quickly becoming an ardent fan of these “multidisciplinary” miking sessions. Previously, I was just interested in basic milking or milk-and-clamp sessions, but rather indifferent to sex play of any type. Well, this session and a previous one with Thiccy Niccy have made me appreciate watching oral training a while lot. She is lovely to look at and worthy of attention at the milking station, but she is also very skilled at oral service.

    On a different note, a unique feature of this session is the strict elbow bondage at the beginning. Thiccy’s elbows are strapped together touching behind her back in the first half of the video. This is something that I find visually very appealing; but sadly, it’s lacking from nearly all, if not all sessions here. It’s disappointing that, even in this session, Thiccy’s elbows were not bound in the second half of the scene. (?!)

    I wish you would make scenes in which a HuCow’s elbows were tightly bound together behind her back throughout an entire session, start to finish. I understand that it’s something that not all HuCows can handle, but there certainly are some that can. Elbow bondage is a staple of every other of your websites, but why not here?

  7. The ankles must also be tied. And my dream is a hard blowjob from Thiccy controlled by the septum ring…

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