Manuela – multi purpose HuCow

Manuela – multi purpose HuCow

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Turning our secretary into a HuCow wasn’t the smartest move. Now the farm business didn’t have a secretary anymore, and Manuela was really good at her job. The farmer decided she will be reinstated as secretary, but she will remain in the herd as well. This means Manuela has to perform all kinds of tasks now, from office work, to getting pumped regularly, to servicing the farmer orally. It’s all in a day’s work for her!

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  1. Its nice to see Manuela get the opportunity to use the Hu aspects of her character alongside her more natural cow tendencies. She is such a good cow too giving the farmer such regular and free access to her udders and teats and welcoming mouth.

    Good cow Manuela!

  2. This Update shows why male “WANT TO BE” farmers will travel to The Netherlands to milk Manuela’s large udders .

    • Yes!

      Wouldn’t it be great to meet Manuela in the office first and have an extended play with her large udders and teats before being shown through to the barn to perhaps a naked expectant Niccy for a prolonged session on her teats with the red cow milker and fucking machine.

      Well worth travelling to the NL for that!

  3. Awesome woman

  4. Who is next for oral training?

  5. Manuela is a truly seductive and sensual cow.

  6. Oh I would like to work part-time with Manuela 😜😍
    We can share the work and both getting pumped and breeded whenever it’s necessary. I’m also very dedicated and my nipples are ready and prepared…

  7. matthew meuleman

    she needs to be taged as a hucow like a tat saying IM A HUCOW AND I LOVE IT as a tram stamp on her lower back

  8. i wish i could work in the same office…udders exposed and nipples clamped if not pumped, available for breeding and oral training when necessary

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