Olivia – pumped on the Sybian

Olivia – pumped on the Sybian

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Cute little teen HuCow Olivia is so curious! The farmer lets her just roam free in the barn, she won’t escape. All she wants to do is press buttons on machines. She finds a Sybian and a vacuum therapy machine, and Olivia carefully tries both of them. She seems to prefer the Sybian. But the farmer is not letting her choose, she is strapped and gagged on top of the Sybian, while her big nipples are being pumped by the vacuum therapy machine. Now Olivia has some discomfort and some pleasure at the same time. Her 18-year old brain is almost unable to cope with the situation. Does she like it? Is it painful? She isn’t sure. Soon she is orgasming in cow space, and after this very exhausting session, all she can do is lie down and sleep. What a good HuCow!!

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  1. It was a good thing Olivia’s farmer strapped each of her legs so she could not stand up as she rode the Sybian. A great session for Olivia since she had several orgasms while the Vacuum Therapy Machine worked to enlarge her nipples .

  2. I can’t get enough of Olivia. She is so beautiful and an excellent performer. This scene is one of her best with the perfect mix of pleasure and pain.

  3. Olivia is a cute hucow and so responsive. I look forward to seeing more sessions

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