Olivia – catch of the day

Olivia – catch of the day

A new delivery at the farm is always exciting! We received a transport box with a new HuCow in it. The farmer wheeled the box into the barn to inspect his new addition to the herd. It turned out to be a scared but cute redhead girl called Olivia. She came with pink restraints: gag, collar, and cuffs! She couldn’t be any cuter than this! After the box was opened, it took Olivia a while to figure out where she was. Blinking and softly moaning, she was clearly frightened of her new surroundings. The farmer wasted no time, locking her hands behind her and making her kneel in a milking frame. Olivia is 18 years old, but she already has very promising udders! Oil was applied to her nipples, and the electronic breast training machine with milking cups was switched on. Olivia seems to be very docile and eager to learn, but it’s still a bit scary for her. Don’t worry, she will get used to her new life at the farm!

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  1. robaloo

    Welcome Olivia. Her udders are definitely of Hucow material. Very eager and fits the milker well.
    Another great additional to the stable. Let’s see how outstanding she can becum.

  2. Eighteen years of age, cute and red haired OLIVIA should be a very welcomed addition to the HUCOWS.COM herd. Hopefully various treatment sessions will enlarge the size of Olivia’s nipples and increase the volume of her udders. VINA was only eighteen when she became a member of the herd and she now has udders any HuCow would be proud of.

    • CORRECTION — Vina was only nineteen when she became a member of the herd.

  3. A beautiful addition to the stable indeed. Her udders sure do look lovely and I’m sure they will develop nicely the more they are milked.

    Olivia already looks well trained the way she willingly allowed herself to be cuffed and locked to the milking frame.

    I look forward to seeing more of her

  4. She has Beautiful boobs. She could be a good breeding cow

  5. TheGatePayWundit

    Such a cute & juicy slut !
    She needs to learn what clamps can do for her teats!

  6. aus ihr kann man was machen, das weiche Euter lässt sich sicher leicht vergrößern, bei den Zitzen wird es dementsprechend schmerzhaft, aber bisher hat es noch fast jede ausgehalten. Ich würde sie bei jedem Melktraining hart ran nehmen und zur Ablenkung decken.

  7. Olivia is great, would love to see her here more often!

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