ZoeyZiptie – red cow milker orgasms

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We are very proud of ZoeyZiptie’s progress here at the farm. She had a harsh introduction, but she really wants to be a HuCow so bad! Her permanent nipple rings show her dedication and devotion to be a good submissive pet. The farmer just needs to train Zoey’s brain to associate milking with pleasure, and she will never want a different life again! What better way than the milking frame to get her completely immobilized, with a big ring gag to make her drool. After a thorough inspection, a magic wand is pushed firmly against her clit and the red cow milker (yes, our most powerful machine) is attached to her soft beautiful udders. Soon, Zoey is lost in another world, having orgasm after orgasm while being unable to move away from the super milking machine. Completely exhausted after this session, ZoeyZiptie only wants to stay here forever and have sessions every day!

Curvy Ra – milky massage

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The farmer put rubber bands on Curvy Ra’s udders. She didn’t like that at all, but her leather mitts prevented her from taking them off. She has been captured at the farm ever since she went there as an inspector, undergoing a radical transformation into a real HuCow. Curvy Ra has almost accepted her fate, getting more docile every day, although she still struggles a bit. The farmer gives her a nice udder massage today, with lots of oil, and she is very restless until she gets blindfolded. This usually helps HuCows to calm down. There is some milk during this massage, and the farmer uses it to massage her udders even more! Very oily and milky!

Jasmine James revisits the frame

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Life has gone full circle for Jasmine James, one of our first HuCows. Nine years ago she featured in one of our first updates, which was very well received at the time. Click here to see the update! Now, Jasmine James is a part of our herd again, and she finds herself back in the same position with the same goat milker as so many years ago. She still looks great and she still has ultra sensitive nipples which make this long and hard milking session very difficult for her. Then it’s clover clamps at the end (with added padlock)… the farmer did not do that yet nine years ago!! Ouch!!