ZoeyZiptie – pierced teats

ZoeyZiptie – pierced teats

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The farmer captured a brand new HuCow: the lovely ZoeyZiptie! She has been taken to the barn, and she is ready to be milked. ZoeyZiptie came with permanent teat piercings, which are very convenient for the farmer, who kept her in place with a heavy chain padlocked to her nipples. We often receive the question if HuCows with piercings can be milked safely using high powered machines. Of course! All HuCows should be milked daily, no exceptions. Piercings do not get in the way, they are just a great anchoring point, as long as they are closed rings. Zoey gets her first milking session on the red cow milker, a very harsh introduction that makes her teats double in size. After the milking, the farmer locks the heavy chain to her piercings again, so her teats are kept nice and stretched. Perfect! Please welcome ZoeyZiptie to the farm, she is definitely a keeper!

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  1. robaloo

    Welcome ZoeyZiptie
    lovely teats, perfect for her new life
    she looks great with chains, most likely in chains as well

  2. A little surprised Zoey’s farmer did not apply massage over her teats after removing the heavy chain padlocked to her nipples before he applied the cups of the RED COW MILKER over her pierced nipples. Zoey endured her first milking session in the barn and the pumping of the red cow milker enlarged her nipples to double their current size. Welcome ZOEY ZIPTIE to the HERD .

  3. A perfect addition to the stable. Such sensitive teats even before they were milked and the piercings are a perfect way to keep her where you want her to be in between milkings.

    For her first time on the red milker she took it really well so hopefully she will be able to be regularly milked on it.

    Such lovely udders that stretch nicely as they are milked hopefully she will be able to become productive with regular sessions

    I look forward to seeing more of her soon

  4. Carl Nemo

    I was a member over a year ago. It was enjoyable, but never got to see any of your ‘cows’ develop’ into prime milkers with something to show for the many machine sessions. So to it’s hot when you allude to have ‘captured’ a new ‘cow’ for the herd. My thoughts are who are the long term internees of your herd who’ve given up their freedom to become the farmer’s property to do with as he wishes? By now you should have some ‘cows’ with massive udders and producing at least a quart plus per day. What’s erotic is to see the nipples get ever larger, the nipple area more pigmented and well veined hanging breasts indicating they are ready for another session. One’s that are prime will experience ‘letdown’ and can’t control the premature squirting from the nipples. The ‘cow’ needs to have a desperate, captured look about her, indicating she had no idea how long and far this herd ‘membership’ was to last, some maybe forever before being sold to another ‘dairy’ farmer. Thanks for what you do and providing such exotic visuals. :-)
    p.s. I’ll probably join again seeing this latest addition with the pierced nips and hopig to see her flow soon.

  5. Welcome Zoe . You are so lucky to be part of this amazing Herd of divine Hucows

  6. I forgot to Add Zoe that the look of pleasure as the milkers begin to work is a sight to behold

  7. Zoey is amazing! Really hope we get to see more of her, she’s absolutely perfect!

  8. Zoey deserves a big piercing in her septum as all cows should! Like Thiccy Niccy, gorgeous hucow.

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