Katarina – sybian milking

Katarina – sybian milking

Katarina has produced milk before, it is just a matter of inducing her again, which we will try to do here at the farm! She is a very well trained HuCow, and she is very eager to get milk out of her huge swollen natural udders, so Katarina usually doesn’t need any restraints. She just needs to be challenged! With a tight udder clamp on her huge udders we try to push the milk more forward, as Katarina operates the milking machine to get her flow back. A sybian will help to release hormones, stimulating her production. She will need a few more sessions, but that’s no problem. We love milking Katarina! Look at the size of her nipples after this session!

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  1. Nice! Love Katarina and especially love her perky nipples. Would love to see the inclusion of attaching a pair of castration bands to Katarina’s erect and stiffened nipples to heighten the sensitivity and arousal to induce milking. Nice!

  2. Big nips

    Great update and great to see her again. It’s pretty strange that now the vibe is different but I love it anyway

  3. Last time, members saw Katarina Hartlova strapped to the milking bench and her huge natural udders being pumped by the red cow milker . The electronic breast training machine worked well enlarging the size of Katarina’s nipples . PLEASE don’t make members wait too long to see another Update with this beautiful HuCow .

  4. Boobminiac

    katarina is the best

  5. SkyPirate

    I agree , she is the best. we need more of her.

  6. BìggyBìggy

    Where has she been nice update love to see her on the sybian and the red cow milker giving the farmer oral

  7. Reloadme

    We need much much more of her! She is the best Hucow!

  8. Next on the list for her I’d breeding session. That would be hot

  9. As long as she gets plenty of orgasms while perched and being milked, she is good. Perhaps after this she can be cuffed on the milking bench with her udders hanging down, and another pair of cows rubbing her body. Perhaps a butt plug and vibrator also keeping her entertained?

  10. I love this scene, this time she seems to enjoy it more and her nipples are looking huge!

  11. Fantastic! An excellent and wonderful update with the lovely Katarina in such a sexually charged and orgasmically induced milking. Would like to suggest a future follow up with the use of a pair of castration bands being added to Katarina’s lovely perky erect hardened and stiffened nipples. The bands would add some additional training and sensitivity for a more powerful and erotically orgasmic release upon Katarina. A gorgeous lady for such sexual pleasure. A wonderful update.

    • The castration bands on her nipples is an awesome idéa and should be supplemented with sturdy elastic bands on the base of her mammaries to make those tits bloodfilled and blue. When they are good and sensitive, put her on the threadmill for some needed exercise with strong clover-clamps on the enlarged nipples with the rubber-bands still on.

  12. I love the progression of this storyline. At the beginning she was abducted and forced to join your farm, always struggling and desperately seeking to escape. Now she is broken and willingly sets herself into the machines. Amazing plot how it slowly developed over time. Great job.

  13. Would love if one day Katarina could be persuaded to let a male farmer massage her udders. It’s just for her own good!!

    These updates with her are always among the best but especially her big nipps after a session are begging to be pinched and fondled by someone other than her.

  14. oral training with katerina we need it !

  15. Wowww, I watched all 9 stories of Katarina! From the first one in 2017 to the final one of Juni 2023! I certainly hope the she will come back, because Katarina is definitely of of the best of the herd! Not just because of the size of her udders! Her whole personality is inviting to watch het without end! Btw, the first introduction is a brilliant pose! Katarine walking in the street before she becomes part of the herd! Would be nice when every new cow would be introduced like that!

  16. Das würden meine Euter auch gerne erleben…

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