Emily Addams vibed and milked

Emily Addams vibed and milked

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Cute young goth girl applied to be a HuCow recently and you all seemed to enjoy her intake session, where she was examined and assessed to be a great addition to the herd. Very docile, submissive, and nice soft udders! Emily was definitely a keeper, especially because of her eagerness for serving the farmer orally.
But now it is time to test her nipples and it will be a hard session on the goat milker (full power). To help her get through this, the farmer installed a magic wand on the milking frame. He didn’t know Emily was highly orgasmic, so instead of calming her down, it had the opposite effect. Emily started bucking wildly, orgasming lots of times in a row, with her heavy deep orgasms strongly enhanced by the non-stop goat milker action. Good thing she was tied down! This HuCow will not be without bondage during sessions for a long time to come. It just doesn’t feel safe yet to milk her without restraints.
Of course, Emily was very exhausted after this session, but she was STILL eager to be a good HuCow and provide nice deep oral service to the farmer. She is so dedicated!

The oral scene is a bonus available to members, just email me at [email protected] to receive the full update including this bonus scene.

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  1. Loved how Miss Addams was ready to jump up from her kneeling position when her farmer turned on the goat milker for two seconds before he secured her to the padded milking frame . Cindy’s eyes , facial expressions and low sounds of pain and pleasure showed this was an incredible experience for her as the GOAT MILKER worked well to enlarge the size of her nipples and the magic wand gave her many powerful orgasms.

  2. Its always nice to see the farmer really check out the cow’s udders properly when she is in the milking position. Emily here get’s a good feel and squeeze to assess her udder and teat development. Good cow Emily and keep up the good work farmer! I’m sure she appreciated her oral award.

  3. For me it appears, that Emily is beging for a big cock while she was milked. A perfect condition to do a breeding session with Emily with a big cock of a human bull, while she will be milked and having multiple orgasm.
    She is so bullish, I mean.

  4. It’s obvious that Emily is far from ready to be milked unrestrained. She sure is orgasmic and it was obvious she was struggling to hold herself up by the end being so tired from them all.

    Maybe a support for the shoulders is needed for those tired cows? If there had been one you might of been able to leave her in position until the next session as she rested.

    Her udders are lovely and I do look forward to seeing how they develop with each session

  5. She needs a cock

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