Emily Addams – intake

Emily Addams – intake

Another new addition? The farmer finds Emily Addams cuffed to the bed in the medical room. Who has delivered her to the farm? This cute young submissive goth girl seems to be very nervous and curious. The farmer makes her strip out of her alternative clothes, to find a pair of very soft udders and a cute ass with a tattoo that says ‘spank me’. Emily seems to be a good candidate! Of course, there is the all important expansion test, which will quadruple the size of her udders, to test if her skin and udders can be stretched for future potential. Emily easily passes the test. She seems incredibly submissive, so the farmer even tests her oral skills. What a perfect HuCow she could become!!
The oral scene is a bonus available to members, just email me at [email protected] to receive the full update including this bonus scene.

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  1. Loved watching Emily’s udders slowly expand in volume within the clear plastic cups of the electronic breast training machine . Members should request bonus oral scene . Welcome to the farm ” GOTH GIRL ” , EMILY ADDAMS !!!!!

  2. You should have put it in the goat milker for sure it would have big nipples!!

  3. Hopefully she got cuffed to the bed and a few orgasms given to her, over and over. As a thank you for starting her journey of being a hucow.

  4. She’s so pretty!

  5. Emily sure is a lovely hucow. Her udders definitely have potential to be developed further and they should look good when they are finally producing.

  6. Another new cow this week with perfectly developed big teats. Great to see. As with Kiki, this cow does need some udder development to complement those teats – and this is a great start. Welcome cow Emily!

  7. matthew meuleman

    her tattoo should be add to on the end it should have (SPANK ME ) IM A HUCOW

  8. Einfach schön

  9. udder suction – a beauti-full sight to see on a new young hucow

  10. Love Emily, hope to see more of her updates she seems great!

  11. That is the kind of bra (nursing-bra) the hucow sluts should wear while bound, gagged, teat clamped, & suctioned !

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