Alice Maze – extreme sybian orgasms

Alice Maze – extreme sybian orgasms

Alice Maze is naughty HuCow! She secretly crawled to the Sybian and started playing with it, servicing the dildo orally and making herself incredibly horny. But then the farmer caught her in the act! As a punishment, he locked Alice’s wrist and head to the wall, placing her on top of the Sybian dildo. It can rotate very fast while the machine itself is the most powerful vibrator in the world. Of course, a milking machine is hooked up as well, to stimulate every sensitive spot on Alice’s body. She never orgasmed this hard and often in her life! You should be careful what you wish for Alice!!

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  1. The fun part is Alice might want you to do this to her again

  2. Loved how Miss Maze got the dildo ready before her farmer got her seated for her ride on the Sybian . The electronic breast training machine worked well enlarging Alice’s nipples while she had several powerful orgasms . This Update shows why farmers will travel to The Netherlands to have a private milking session with this beautiful HuCow .

  3. What a true delight Alice is.

    Looks like her oral skills need to be explored more seeing how enthusiastic she was being with the dildo

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