Alice Maze – tunnel plug

Alice Maze – tunnel plug

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Remember our French HuCow Alice Maze? She was delivered to the farm for an intake assessment. Her juicy udders were approved for expansion potential by the farmer, who couldn’t understand anything Alice was trying to say (so he gagged her). We don’t speak French here, but that problem is now solved as Alice is already very well trained. Her human speech is gone, she makes real intense moo sounds when she is stimulated, spanked, or milked. Her brain is now completely HuCow. Today, she will get milked by the most powerful machine: the red cow milker. This will certainly make her moo!! Alice has been fitted with a large metal tunnel plug as well, for easy access to her holes in the future. She is one of the most promising new additions to the herd!

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  1. The red cow milker worked well to enlarge Alice’s nipples on her dangling udders.

  2. Elle porte un cloche magnifique. j’adorerai l’entendre meubler..

  3. Elle porte une grosse cloche au cou, j’adore.
    Je reverrai de l’entendre meubler..

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