Vina – penetration testing

Vina – penetration testing

Vina has come such a long way: from 19-year old shy aspiring HuCow to fully trained and developed, obedient docile HuCow with a 400% udder expansion, stimulation association, and a deep desire to be trained and milked forever. The farmer noticed something else too: Vina does not make much sound (probably the least of the herd), but it’s very easy to see when she gets turned on. Her face and neck get flushed, she even develops cow-like spots on her body when stimulated. Nothing better to turn her on than the fucking machine! And since she has been trained to produce more hormones when she gets milked AND stimulated at the same time… the result is clearly visible at the end of the session! Perfect training takes years, but Vina is a success story in our barn!

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  1. What a difference seven years makes !!! Seven years ago VINA was a cute nineteen year old with small udders. Seven years later VINA is a beautiful twenty-six year old woman with big udders which should start producing milk on a daily basis. Maybe in her next Update may members see VINA’s udders being milked by the double breast pump and her milk starting to fill its plastic bottles. Good things happen to farmers who wait .

  2. Anonymous

    Would you be open to using the milking machine when they are lactating and seeing the milk flow through the tubes as I think many of us in the hucow community would love to see this 😍😍

    • There are drops usually (as with Vina here), there is no flow. That’s a great fantasy, but more suitable for cartoon HuCow websites.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for the reply. It would be amazing if some of the Hucows had milk flow while on the machines

  3. schön wenn man die Entwicklung der Jungkuh sieht. Sie hat vermutlich vergessen was sie mal war und gibt sich ihrer neuen Bestimmung: Milchkuh zu sein – hin.

  4. vielleicht wird mit ihr bald gezüchtet. sie sollte gedeckt werden

    • Ja, das sehe ich auch so.
      Es vergrößert den Milchertrag.

      Eine nur eine Hucow, die auch zur Zucht verwendet wird, ist eine ECHTE Hucow.

  5. Seems Vina’s udders are beginning to produce nicely. A beautiful hucow indeed

  6. More videos with Vina!

  7. Vida is my favourite. Would love to see her bred one day. More updates please!

  8. Will there be new videos with Vina!

  9. It is also time for Vina to let her breed. As a well-trained and obedient Hucow, I would prefer artificial insemination for her by a veterinarian. The insemination takes place during her next ovulation in the form of a rubber bull cock which is filled with sufficient bull semen, which is injected deep into the cunt after stimulation. She is already used to this from the milking sessions. Before that, she is fisted intensively and deeply with the arm-length veterinary examination glove until she has a violent orgasm. Then she is inseminated with the bull’s cock. So that she remains calm during insemination, she is milked by the goat milker or the cow milker. If she does not become pregnant, the insemination must be repeated several times. It is absolutely necessary to increase her milk production

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