Young and curious Vina

Young and curious Vina

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“What is this!!”, 19-year old Vina exclaimed when she discovered the goat milker. Circling around it, touching the hoses, she looked very tiny in comparison. Her eyes had lit up, something was stirring deep inside her. She wanted to be a cow, to be milked! “Can I try it?”, she asked in her shy sweet voice. Sure, but a cow needs a collar first. And a ring gag, to stop this human talk. Vina obeyed. Anything to try this machine! She was curious and afraid at the same time. Would she be able to handle this torment on her small sensitive boobs??

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  1. DarthFugue

    Maybe, her name should be… “Bovina”! ;-)

  2. She is cute and shy – a great combination. ;)

    But she strongly deserves endless sessions with the breast suction device to increase their size…

    And, Admin: Let her strip off *ALL* her clothes!!!

  3. I hope the teats grow through extended milking. The birth of a hucow!!!!!

  4. hojojitsu

    I like how docile and submissive Vina was. The self bondage was pretty hot. I just wish you didn’t have to fiddle with the hoses so much this time.

  5. luncai88

    A very good set. Not every cow need big tits (I like both). Sadly no heels for me again XD

  6. Jonathen Wessler

    What machine do you use please post a link to where I could purchase one.

  7. I would very much like to see little Caprice on the floor frame milked by the goat milker please.

  8. Vina is such a beautiful and hot little hucow.

  9. Drakos19

    She is very cute!

  10. What a treasure! This site as well as Vina!

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