Katz – an exhausting milking session

Katz – an exhausting milking session

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Katz still needs a lot of training, she is not ready to be milked without any bondage! In fact, she keeps resisting and struggling in her metal bonds so much, I had to add a waist chain to lock her down to the milking frame. Her harness ballgag is chained to the frame too, but that only makes Katz drool… A LOT! She drools so much, her boobs are covered in drool at the end! What a mess! This is a great milking session, where I even turned the goat milker up to full speed during milking to make Katz even more mad!

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  1. The extra minute at high speed was excellent. Now we just need some lubrication generously applied before the milkers go on so that the nipples can be sucked further in to really feel the effect of the pulsing :)

  2. Marvalgen

    Is Katz milking getting better? I think you guys need to find a hucow that already can produce milk and just help her out ;)

    • Hucowlover

      I agree! Could you guys find someone that is already lactating? That would make a very interesting milking!

  3. The High speed was amazing, that should definitely be done in every shoot!

  4. We’re are you based so we can try and find someone who is lactating.

  5. Drakos19

    So hot, when she struggling!

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