Jasmine James – perfect pet

Jasmine James – perfect pet

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After some intensive training, Jasmine James has now calmed down a lot. She has become one of my favorite pets to play with. She listens very well, she can sit up and assume submissive positions, and she will sleep in her own little cage. But most importantly: she has been trained to milk her own big udders twice a day with the powerful goat milker! She does not really like it, but is dedicated to become a perfect HuCow! Don’t miss this update, you will love it!

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  1. love Jasmine shes such a perfect hucow, its nice to see how your girls are getting used to the milking.
    There are marks from the goat milker on her before the machines even turned on!!
    one MAJOR thing though..
    i really miss the bondage :(

  2. Purrrrfect. Like this girl.

  3. Hi!
    Another great video! I have some experiense also of milking hucows and the teatcups i use have a bigger opening on the top where the nipple is sucked in. It gives better feeling of the pulsation and also it sucks more of the breast into the teatcup so you can have stronger suction. You will see the teatcup pulsating better and stronger on the tits….

  4. hojojitsu

    Love it! Jasmine was very submissive and coy. I like seeing girls in bondage as much as the next guy, but this video is very hot.

  5. This is awesome. I love the transformation.

  6. Awww… she looks so meek, and cute, and obedient. Look how she tries to make eye contact and smile. She seems soo desperate to please. I bet she’s a lot happier now as a hu-cow than she was in her previous existence as a human being. With all those pesky human rights that she’s no longer entitled to. I love the way those blue veins on her breasts become more prominent as her little pink nipples are mercilessly sucked. Y’know admin, when these hu-cows run dry and can’t produce milk anymore, are they destined for the dinner table? I’m just asking because that is one prime price of rump steak being wiggled around there.

  7. Drakos19

    She is the best, best, best, best!!!

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