Bella & Demi – resident HuCows

Bella & Demi – resident HuCows

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The farmer really wants to keep Bella with her massive udders. She was born to be a HuCow and it is her life long dream to be a resident. And Bella needs Demi for support, so it is better to keep them as a pair. Demi is very submissive and dedicated to help her friend Bella achieve her dreams. It has been decided the pair will never be separated. They have been fitted with permanent septum piercings now, indicating their resident status. They will be milked together, stabled together, sleep together, be fed together. Maybe they can be trained to orally serve the farmer together in the future!
Gagged and cuffed next to each other, with their udders on display on a glass plate, Bella and Demi are patiently waiting for their goat milker training session. What a pair! So submissive and dedicated to a lifetime of milking and servitude!

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  1. Demi has been a true friend to Bella since their first Update back in January 2022 . It is nice to see these two milked side by side with the GOAT MILKER pumping their udders . Great Update .

  2. A perfect pair for the stable indeed. Loving the nose rings perfect to secure them or lead them where they need to be. They are so docile during their milking and they sure do enjoy one another afterwards. I look forward to seeing more of this pair.

  3. milkman

    the noise of the pump is too loud, do something to smooth it, like change the vacuum pump model or put the machine in a locked room

  4. Milkman

    very nice

  5. Would love to see them bred together 🥰

  6. Please more of these 2 wonderful hucows, maybe harnessgagged and stimulated/petrated with dildo? Would be perfect.

  7. Yes, all cows must have a septum ring and provide oral services.

  8. Just wish the farmer had taken off their ball gags at the end so they could suck each others swollen teats. Would love to get milked with these two.

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