Bella & Demi – cow versus goat

Bella & Demi – cow versus goat

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Ever since Bella signed up to be a HuCow, she is at peace. She has found the life she was looking for! Her huge udders are finally getting the treatment they always needed. Her friend Demi wasn’t planning to become a HuCow, but when she saw how much her friend was enjoying it, she became curious and a trusty supporter for her friend. Now they are stabled together. They couldn’t be happier! The farmer literally has his hands full with these two, massaging them, oiling them, and milking them. Today, we are featuring a unique experiment, never seen before on the internet: a cow milker AND a goat milker. Who will have the biggest nipples at the end? It’s not a battle though, these HuCows love each other. Bella and Demi take care of each other’s udders at the end, massaging and suckling their painful teats. We should never separate this duo!

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  1. These two cute new cows are amazing. They would look perfect, if both were gagged.

  2. Their farmer used the right machine to milk each of these HuCows; the RED COW MILKER for Bella and the GOAT MILKER for Demi. Would love to see this experiment used on ( Cindy Dollar and Nicole Vice ) OR ( Dolly and Penny Lee ). GREAT UPDATE !!!

  3. Das Video hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Ich würde die Euter der größeren Kuh jedoch derber behandeln und künftig sollte bei ihr an der Verlängerung der Zitzen gearbeitet werden, dann wäre sie die perfekte Zuchtkuh.

  4. predhead

    I joined today because of the three videos of these two together. Would love to see more of them, perhaps one acting as a surrogate farmer, placing the other into bondage, adding the milking devices, and putting her on the sybian. Then, gagged, the submissive one is taken with a strap on. As Demi seems to be a little more engaged with the camera, I would have her be the one in charge. I’ve mentioned it before, the more lesbian shoots the better!

  5. Barbarossa

    These both girls are amazing. They have very beautiful faces and even Bella has very hot lips. And Bellas udders are amazing. It would be great to see them in tight bondage, she is sitting on the Sybian with a great cock in her big pussy and is being milked with the red cow milker and having several powerful orgasms.

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