‘Can I bring a friend?’

‘Can I bring a friend?’

We received an email from Bella, she desperately wants to be a HuCow. Not just to try it, but to be permanently added to the herd, and live her life like a HuCow forever. When we invited her over, she got really nervous about this big step in her life. ‘Can I bring a friend for support?’, was her question. Of course! And so it happened that Bella showed up at the farm, with her young friend Demi, ready to be collared and milked on the milking bed. Bella has got a pair of incredible udders! They are huge and soft!
When the milking started, the farmer noticed Demi secretly taking pictures. She seemed to be more than interested in her friend’s session! Of course, this was a big opportunity for us to include her, and soon Demi was fully nude playing with Bella’s udders under the bed. She even stole the milking machine for a while to try it on her own udders. After the milking session, Demi instinctively started suckling Bella’s udders. After this amazing tender session, we ended up with not one but TWO new collared HuCows!

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  1. what wonder-full hucows with udders perfect for milking – there is so much potential for both of them. Welcome
    Bella and Demi

  2. Oh wow Bella’s udders are bigger than Demi’s head :)

  3. Nothing needs to be done to increase the size of Bella’s huge soft udders; only her nipples. Demi undressing, playing with Bella’s udders and then milking herself shows she wants to be a HuCow too. Maybe in a future Update members will see these two friends milked side by side in the barn with the red cow milker pumping their udders.

  4. Wow…. these are the contents i want to see.

    It shows that chubby ladys could be stunning too.
    This confirms that I could also present myself here.

  5. These two new hucows are amazing. They would be perfect ballgagged and teasing eatch other.

  6. ich hoffe wir sehen mehr – auch einzelne und härtere Melkungen der Eutertiere, Bella ist sowieso geschaffen für die Umwandlung in eine Milchkuh und Demi sollte auch dahin gebracht werden

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