Olga – sensitive nipples on the red cow milker

Olga – sensitive nipples on the red cow milker

Olga has perfect udders for face-down milking. When lying down on the milking bed, her nipples point straight down. Her huge nipples (made bigger by many sessions here at HuCows.com) are very sensitive. So it would be a very harsh session for her if the farmer sensitizes her nipples even more before using the most powerful milking machine on her. And yet, that’s exactly what he did. Do not try this at home! Extremely sensitive nipples getting milked with this much pressure is only for experienced HuCows, like Olga. Maybe the farmer should have added some sexual stimulation to help Olga. Poor girl!

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  1. Jordan74656

    Can you do an update with Vina on the original cow milker again, the first update was amazing?

  2. Could Olga have achieved a nipple orgasm if the sensitizers had been left on to stimulate her huge very sensitive nipples a little longer ? The sounds and facial expressions Olga made while the red cow milker was pumping her udders showed this was an incredible milking experience for her. Olga appears to be one happy HuCow after her session on the milking bed.

  3. Nice! Really love to see nice erect perky hardened and sitffened nipples especially on ethnic women on this site. Would like to recommend the incorporation of a pair of green elastic castration bands that can be stretched and applied to perky erect nipples to heighten the sensitivity for further play time with the model. NICE!!

  4. I am sure that sexual stimulation for a hucow is always appreciated by them. Unless you leave it on for half an hour or more?

  5. Where can I get those sensitized…they look awesome. For that matter…where can I purchase that milking machine? I have a “cow” that is in desperate need of this therapy!

  6. I’d love to see the nipple stimulators used on cows before and after every milking!

  7. i love nipple stimulation!!!!! personally i do it all the time …. and love hucows on the milking bed!!!!!!

  8. Where can we buy the nipple sensitizers?

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