Alice Maze – compact cow milker

Alice Maze – compact cow milker

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The compact cow milker is probably even harder than the big red cow milker. Because there is no pulsator, the machine is basically just a powerful vacuum nipple extruder. It gets harder and harder, the longer the cups are left on the nipples. Alice Maze likes her HuCow life a lot, but this machine is a big challenge for her! Drooling through her bit gag, she is locked to the standing milking frame. Her tied udders and a pair of clover clamps made her nipples extremely sensitive before milking. The farmer handles her udders, making her squeel and moo like a perfect HuCow. The compact cow milker makes her produce even more noise. It’s a very intense session! Alice loves being a HuCow so much, even though she always gets the harsh treatment from the farmer. He really loves her loud milking noises and squeamish behavior. Alice is such a fun HuCow to watch!

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  1. Alice truly is a delight to hear as she is milked. I feel that a nice vibrator might help produce some more and might help distract her as she is being milked

  2. A little surprised Alice’s farmer did not use the clit pump to help get her through this very intense session where the compact cow milker ; vacuum pumped her udders to enlarge her nipples. Also loved all the sounds Alice made during this Update .

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