Nora Sparkle stuffed, sensitized, and milked

Nora Sparkle stuffed, sensitized, and milked

The farmer always does a LOT with Nora. Tied udders and clamped udders and a gag to start off her session. Then she is stuffed with a big inflatable dildo to fill her up and get her hormones going. The farmer pumps it up till the max. Nora is then cuffed to the milking bed, where her clamps are removed and her sensitive nipples get a tickle treatment from the nipple sensitizers. When Nora reaches maximum sensitivity, the farmer starts with the milking session. Imagine having tied udders, ultra sensitive nipples, a stuffed pussy and you get milked faster and faster! Nora moans from discomfort and pleasure. It is a strange mix! After the intense milking session, the farmer doesn’t waste any time clamping her nipples again. Ouch!

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  1. I’d like that

    I love when you’re using the nipple sensitizers

  2. Great as usual. I love the milking bed. May I suggest a slight update that would even bring an additional kick into the milking bed videos? How about making the black parts of the bed removed and changed with plexiglass? That would allow us to see the facial expressions from the cows filmed from below while their heavy udders are eased.

  3. QUESTION – What would be farmer if he had the money to fly to THE NETHERLANDS would not want to reenact this Update with this beautiful blonde HuCow ? Using rope bondage to support her udders , applying and removing nipple clamps during the session , handcuffing her ankles and wrists to the milking bed’s posts, using an inflatable dildo and nipple sensitizers before he applies the cups of the electronic breast training machine over her nipples and then seeing how the process enlarged the size of her nipples would be worth the cost of a private milking session with Miss Nora Sparkle .

  4. Looks like Nora is ready for the red milker with a nice fuck machine to help take her mind off of her milking. Also maybe some more udder stretching as well

  5. Nora and Denise are my favourites🥰

  6. Would love to experience this for myself!!!

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