Nora Sparkle milked on the Sybian

Nora Sparkle milked on the Sybian

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One of our best HuCows: Nora Sparkle! She is very obedient and docile, and she has very nice udders. The farmer has tied and clamped them in preparation for today’s milking. He put Nora firmly on a Sybian, because sexual stimulation will increase hormone levels and thus milk production in the long run. Nora will be in for an interesting ride today, as she is highly orgasmic. At the same time, her nipples are ultra sensitive (especially after clamping), so she is probably very happy she will get vibrated on the most powerful vibrator in the world. Because the goat milker is not easy to deal with. Nora completely loses herself in the sensations: bondage, pumping, vibrating, her HuCow mind is getting overloaded! After some intense orgasms, the farmer returns to clamp her again. Very harsh, but necessary!

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  1. Nice rope bondage supporting Nora’s udders for their milking session with the goat milker. The Sybian helped to give Nora several powerful orgasms while the goat milker pumped her soft beautiful udders.

  2. Wondering if your farmers have studied wagyu hucows? Specifically with stubborn hucows, they use excessive pleasure techniques such as forced intoxication (force-fed beer – sometimes by way of beer bong) as well as deep massage to disorient and and confuse the hucow. Primarily utilized for those hucows who are holding back milk production due to fear, the treatment bewilders to the point of producing. Would love to see you guys experiment with it!

  3. Rubberpumper

    I’d love to suck on her udders

  4. hucowlover

    nora’s udders looks great from rope bondage. Nice to see farmer again clamped her nipples after the milking, rightly say so it is very harsh but also very necessary for hucow training. Farmer should put a septum ring on her nose as a symbol of permanent resident hucow.

  5. ninjaboobs

    id much rather hear her moan than have that ball gag in her mouth

  6. Welsh bondage fan

    Much to my amazement my wife got really excited watching this. Will have to investigate this more!!!

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