Dina Ket – tiny HuCow pet

Dina Ket – tiny HuCow pet

Remember slender teen Dina Ket? She ended up in the barn at some point, and while she doesn’t have huge udders, she does have very long nipples for her age. Which is always a very good reason to keep a HuCow around. Nipples with a lot of potential are quite rare, so the farmer is interested to see if they will stretch and grow even more. Dina is very playful, she loves pet play and being kept in a cage. The farmer rewarded her with a cute fox tail butt plug, which makes her even more playful. Today, Dina is going on the milking bed though. She might not like it, but she will be free to play again after this session!

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  1. robaloo

    nice to see Dina again…she has wonderful nipples; udder size does not matter in her case. she should be a favorite…is one of mine

  2. Love Miss Ket’s hair color. DINA is a beautiful HuCow who needs to go through the same treatments VINA endured to increase the size of her nipples and udders.

  3. WOW! Dina Ket is absolutely fantastic and has the most PERFECT NIPPLES for some cupping action. Really would love to see Dina Ket back on this site and her NIPPLES! Dina would be the most perfect candidate to experience a pair of GREEN ELASTIC CASTRATION BANDS to be stretched and placed upon her PERFECT ERECT AND HARDENED NIPPLES after a cupping session with the suction tubes. The CASTRATION BANDS act as a way to TRAIN the NIPPLES to remain HARDENED, ERECT, PERKY AND INCREASE THE SENSITIVITY. A Mistress may use a wartenberg wheel with sharpened spikes that will test the sensitivity of the NIPPLES and can be ELECTRIFIED to send tiny little sparks into the NIPPLES to increase the stimulus. A supreme feitsh model would certainly enjoy such a session. Please bring Dina Ket back to this site for some extra special play time for the viewing audience. NICE!

  4. The other fun is to have a butt plug with a lightweight flagpole on it, with either a small flag or a short tail attached to the end. Put the hitachi wand in place, and see how many times the flag can be made to wave proudly

  5. Dina seems very happy having her nipples stretched and seems interested in seeing how much they stretch. I hope it isn’t to long before she is milked.

  6. Sie gibt sich prächtig aber und ihre Zitzen sind perfekt, sie sollte Kilos zulegen, und vielleicht trächtig werden, dannach wird sie bestimmt mehr Kilos haben und das Euter auch größer geworden sein.

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