Denise – standing – goat milker

Denise – standing – goat milker

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Sulky teen Denise is still a resident at the HuCows farm. She quietly undergoes her sessions, as she knows it will help her to grow bigger udders and bigger nipples. Denise is very docile and obedient, she even inserts her own fox tail butt plug when instructed to do so by the farmer. She is not shying away anymore from the farmer’s touch, she knows that squeezing and massaging is good for her. Even when the farmer clamps her nipples, she quietly sulks a bit, but she doesn’t back away. A session on the goat milker is today’s milking routine, and it makes her nipples even more sensitive after they have been doubled in size by the pumping. Nipple clamps AFTER milking is still very painful, but Denise is a good HuCow: this is her life now and she knows it.

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  1. A little surprised after removing the CLOVER CLAMPS from her nipples that Denise’s farmer did not apply massage oil over her big udders before carefully placing the cups of the GOAT MILKER over each of her nipples . A good session for her since the pumping of the milker doubled the size of Denise’s nipples .

  2. Good, this Woman has larger than normal boobs for the scene. Super nipples.

  3. I would love to see her on the red cow milker

  4. With the development of those nipples into such large succulent teats, Denise is really transforming into one of the most impressively teated cows in the herd

    Would love to see her beside Cindy Dollar to compare teat growth after milking with both cows caressing and gently suckling each others udders and teats to soothe the pain away.

  5. matthew meuleman

    she needs to be taged as a Hucow a septum ring or tattoo that says IM A HUCOW AND LOVE IT

  6. Out of curiosity from a hucow here… where are you farmers getting this collar from? Very much appreciated!

  7. I had an idea for a session that was swimming in my head for a while that I found REALLY hot, and I realized why. The idea was taking say a karate girl or like a gang girl (baggy jeans, tank top, y’know) and hooking them up to the milking machine, but with the rest of their effects on (karate gi pants, jeans, fingerless gloves, whatever keeps the look) while just removing their top (and shoes for comfort).

    So, basically milking them topless rather than completely naked, not only giving them a sort of character identity by the rest of their clothing, but it does help focus on their tits being milked. That idea’s REALLY hot.

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