Denise – high speed cow milker

Denise – high speed cow milker

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Resident young HuCow Denise is really well trained by now. She knows she has to be pumped regularly and she is accepting the farmer’s touch without backing away. Denise has large udders for her age, and they seem to be growing still! The best way to keep Denise developing as a HuCow is to use the most powerful machine on her sensitive nipples. It will release hormones and her brain will keep transforming into HuCow mode. She knows that she is just being kept at the barn to get milked, it’s her life now. The farmer turns up the speed of the red cow milker very high, making it even more powerful! Denise’s nipples were super tender at the end of the session, but the farmer had no mercy: the dreaded clover clamps can’t be skipped!

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  1. Peak farmer

    It’s nice to see the beautiful Denise back again cuffed and milked properly her udder look beautiful can we see them cuffed while she’s being milked and bred on all fours

  2. INCREDIBLE that Denise was able to endure the pain of the RED COW MILKER pumping her big natural udders at nearly the milker’s highest speed. Denise has earned her position as one of the top HuCows in the HERD ; beside Vina , Katarina Hartlova . Katie Thornton , Cindy Dollar and Olga .

  3. matthew meuleman

    she needs a ear tag or a septum ring like all good cows have

  4. Denise is ready for breeding by the farmer or a hubull. Her udder is perfect for producing a large amount of milk after calving

  5. hucowlover

    It’s nice to see most hucows getting nipple clamp after their milking. Hope more cows get septum ring and ear tag.

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