Breeding Alice Maze

Breeding Alice Maze

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French HuCow Alice Maze has been put through a LOT of examinations, like an anal tunnel plug, triple expansion testing, extreme sybian orgasms, and much more. She is also part of the Want-To-Be-A-Farmer program, where fans can come and milk her at the farm. Alice has been pumped and milked so many times, she really turned into a HuCow. She even makes moo sounds when her sensitive nipples are tortured by the farmer. She seems ready for breeding! The farmer mounts her from behind and he finishes quickly. It seems Alice wanted more, but it will take a few hours for the farmer to be able to inseminate her again, so he places a bag over her head until he is ready for another round!

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  1. Breeding is one of the most important things in a cow herd and I really enjoy these sessions.
    You should adopt a hubull in your hucow herd who will regularly jump on and inseminate all hucows when they are bullish. Then the farmer has less stress with breeding and the hucows are more likely to accept their life on the farm if they are animated and covered by the hubull. This ensures a long-term supply of hucows, which also calve regularly and produce a lot of milk.
    For successful breeding, the hucows should also be regularly examined by a veterinarian and artificially inseminated.
    If the farmer enjoys it, he can still breed individual hucows himself.

  2. Love UPDATES with ALICE MAZE because of all the noise she makes during each of her sessions and her WOMAN next door look .

  3. Christopher

    I am waiting for Vina to be bred….that’s gonna be one heck of a breeding.

  4. This was a great breeding session for Alice. She definitely needed to be gagged and tightly restrained to ensure she got thoroughly inseminated. Would love to see Nora and Lanta get the same treatment. They definitely need to be filled regardless of how much they might resist.

  5. matthew meuleman

    she needs a seeptim ring to id her as a hucow or a ear tag

  6. Carl Nemo

    VetDoc…His suggestion about real time breeding is excellent with a well hung, duty ‘hubull”. Actually get some of the herd pregnant and view their progress to full term. The newborn ‘stock’ can be adopted out for big $$’s to folks that are need of a child without all the adoption formalities. Granted this is fairly intense in terms of ‘klink’, but would be a first in terms of such ‘entertainment’. Only ‘hucows’ who are in agreement and sign release papers for such can participate in this long term project. The world is a downward spiral of depravity, so this although novel isn’t the end for such. It would be highly erotic to witness over a 9 month period and so too the milk laden udders nursing offspring from other mothers too. They are just ‘herd’ animals. No…?
    You have a great site, but it needs a shot of male ‘androgens’ inseminating fertile dairy heifers. Hopefully you won’d delete a non-member post. Still, keep up the good work as best as you can. ;-)

  7. cybershot

    VetDoc and Carl Nemo are correct. We need a Hubull to get these hucows pregnant. Then maybe you can start to see some milk being produced. Need to start seeming some tanks getting full.

  8. Milkman

    Love it can’t get enough of it

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