Our farm has grown a lot! Let’s celebrate with a unique opportunity!!

Would you like to try milking one of our lovely HuCows yourself? A selection of our HuCows is now available for private milking sessions in our barn.
What can you do: You will be able to restrain the girl to a milking frame, hook her up to the machines and watch her being milked. Feel her udders, photograph her and record video of her. You can also use sexual stimulation on our HuCows, like magic wands and fucking machines.
What can’t you do: Take off your clothes, have sexual intercourse with the HuCow.

Available at the moment for private milking sessions:
Thiccy Niccy
HuCow 38
Nora Sparkle
Alice Maze
Emily Addams

Location: the Netherlands
Pricing and info: email [email protected] for more details!