Alice Maze – triple expansion test

Alice Maze – triple expansion test

Time for Alice’s checkup! The French HuCow has been at the farm for a while, and she has been through some harsh sessions. Let’s see if her volume tests are showing any progress. The farmer straps Alice to the bed in the medical room, before grabbing her udders to test their suppleness. It seems like there is a lot of potential in this HuCow! The electronic breast training machine is hooked up to her udders with large cups. After the farmer gets a good vacuum seal, Alice’s udders start to expand to three times their original size. It’s quite painful, but it’s necessary. Even worse for Alice, the farmer decides to volume test her pussy too. Alice looks amazing during this triple expansion test! Afterwards, she felt very sore and sensitive, but also proud that she got the farmer’s approval to stay at the farm!

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  1. Très belle vache, quid d’une formation orale?..

  2. Will we ever get more JJ Push

  3. There is nothing like seeing Alice’s udders slowly expanding in volume to triple their current size within the large cups of the electronic breast training machine .

  4. Nice! But tell Alice she needs to get her LEFT NIPPLE PIERCED. Otherwise she is flying in circles to the right.

  5. Would love to try out the electronic breast training machine on my udders. It looks very exciting

  6. Her udders sure do look like there is alot of potential as they really began to fill those cups as the session went on. I look forward to seeing more of her development

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