Alice Maze – French HuCow

Alice Maze – French HuCow

A new French HuCow was delivered to the farm. We can’t understand her, but the milking language is universal. First up: the intake assessment. Alice seems to have very juice and soft udders. Her nipples are ultra sensitive, which means she is going to have a very hard time here. She will need a lot of training (and bondage) to get through the sessions. At least the farmer distracts her with a magic wand today, and Alice reaches a super intense orgasm, making incredible moo-ing sounds while her udders are pumped at full power for the expansion test. Will she become a resident? Maybe! She certainly has a lot of potential and her udders are very promising! Alice is submissive, but still a bit reluctant, and when we will put her on a nipple milker next time, she will most likely suffer a lot.

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  1. BONJOUR Alice!!!!! her udders fit the pumpers and expand so well… it IS a great feeling.
    She will become accustomed and will eventually welcome the sessions, mooing with delight.

  2. Alice appeared to be happy with the placement of the magic wand before the electronic breast training machine started to pump her dangling udders through the opening in the milking bed. Alice’s udders slowly expanded within the cups of her milking bra showing there is good growth potential for her udders. Loved that Alice’s farmer flipped her over on her back and pumped her udders for a second time during her first session. Alice’s mooing reminded me of the sounds Katarina Hartlova made during some of her milking sessions. WELCOME Alice Maze to your new home.

  3. Love the expansion domes being used

  4. Would love to see Nina’s naughty nipples with some teat clamps & have her wear a Nursing Bra (the ones with the inner ‘A’ frame) so her teats are exposed while the udders are held in place.
    Also, how about a 3some where 3 cute & juicy sluts are bound & gagged while wearing these nursing bras & teat clamps, & they each take turns having 2 at a time made to suck on the third one’s teat (while she is bound & ballgagged), then switch positions until all 3 have been sucked on?
    Thanks in advance!
    P.S. love this new milking bed- cheers to who ever created this!

  5. HopefulHucow22

    Gosh seeing another intake assessment with a potential new resident is so exciting! It sounds like an absolute dream to become a permanent resident!

  6. schön abgegriffen und abgeklatscht am Arsch der Kuh. Ich würde die Zitzen in den Ziegenmelker geben

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